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1950s-Style Rebelliousness Inspires Vibe at Belle’s Diner

Billy Blatty

Billy Blatty started numerous bars and restaurants throughout the US, from New Orleans to Las Vegas. The unique concepts utilized in Billy Blatty’s businesses have provided defining elements that differentiate each location from its competitors. For instance, Mr. Blatty’s restaurant Belle’s Diner takes its inspiration from the 1950s.

One element of US culture in the 1950s was the idea of rebellion against conformity. As mass culture started spreading through television--which became prevalent in people’s homes during this decade--some felt it was becoming too bland and uniform. Television executives produced shows to appeal to the largest number of people possible and therefore provided viewers a picture of already-accepted social patterns, for instance, portraying men as breadwinners and women as homemakers. 

To push back against the norms, some writers and musicians began rebelling through their work. Jack Kerouac wrote “On the Road” during this period without regard to the norms of punctuation and paragraph structure, while Elvis Presley’s rock-and-roll blended black and white styles of music. A defining characteristic of the decade, Presley’s sound became popular partly because of his utilization of sexuality and suggestive gestures to shock and attract audiences. Belle’s Diner celebrates these 1950s elements throughout the establishment, from its décor to its rock and roll music.


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