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Bullrun Rally Events

Billy Blatty

In addition to his work as an entrepreneur in the restaurant business and his contributions to charity, Billy Blatty competes in car rallies. Billy Blatty has placed highly in three separate Bullrun events, including two first-place finishes.

The Bullrun Live Rally hosts up to 100 high-end luxury vehicles and drivers. Rally routes change from year to year, with drivers moving from checkpoint to checkpoint daily and stopping for parties and other events in major American cities. Many celebrities, including Hayden Christensen, Dennis Rodman, and Mario Andretti, have come to Bullrun events in the past. Entrants must be invited in order to participate, and the entry fee is $20,000 per participating vehicle.
The event has been featured as part of two different television programs. The first, Cops, Cars & Superstars, follows the entirety of the rally over its weeklong run. The Bullrun reality TV series, meanwhile, focuses on only 12 teams in an elimination event.

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