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Five Tips for Climbing Mount Everest

Billy Blatty

Entrepreneur Billy Blatty possesses more than 25 years of experience launching and operating successful nightspot destinations and diners, and over the years his ventures have included multiple high class bars and restaurants. In 2015, Billy Blatty spent time training to climb Mount (Mt.) Everest, the tallest mountain in the world and among the most perilous mountain climbing experiences. The following tips cover important considerations for those planning to climb Mt. Everest.

1. Never go alone – A lot of mistakes can happen when people to decide to climb on their own and if an accident does occur, it could be a long time before someone comes to the rescue. Climb with at least one other person and create a plan of action if someone needs to turn back or if an accident occurs.

2. Check the weather before climbing – Make sure you check the weather forecast before you go climbing and prepare for bad weather even if the forecast predicts a sunny day. Bad weather can strike unexpectedly on the mountain during a prolonged climb and turn a peaceful sunny climb into a treacherous one.

3. Use quality safety and climbing gear – Acquire high quality climbing gear and wear appropriate clothing for climbing, particularly clothing that will provide protection from the elements. Avoid using old rope and consider clipping several lines at once for extra protection.

4. Know your limits – Know your own limits when you go climbing and take caution not to overestimate your abilities. This includes knowing and accepting when it’s time to turn back. Additionally, begin the climb when you’re feeling at your best.

5. Consider risks of an avalanche – Avalanches pose a great risk to climbers and, unfortunately, climbers can do little to protect themselves against one. Take precautions by not climbing after heavy snowfall and not lingering in dangerous areas.

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