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Granting Smiles with the New Orleans Bulldog Rescue

Billy Blatty

The owner of several upscale bars and restaurants in New Orleans and Las Vegas, Billy Blatty has worked in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. As part of his ongoing efforts to give back to his community, Billy Blatty donates to the New Orleans Bulldog Rescue.

A volunteer-run nonprofit organization, the New Orleans Bulldog Rescue is open to all dog breeds and participates in rescue missions while advocating for the welfare of canines in the area. The organization achieves its goals by getting involved in the community in many different areas.
Adoption events, held on the second Saturday of each month, are a major part of the Bulldog Rescue. The organization’s goal is to place dogs with caring families and ensure a better life for human and dog alike.
In addition, the organization’s Bully Care Brigade brings dogs of all ages and sizes into hospitals, nursing homes, and other similar facilities. These dogs provide a vital service, bringing cheer and raising the spirits of those who may be going through a difficult time.
The New Orleans Bulldog Rescue also operates the Safe Haven program, which offers fostering services for dogs of people who have experienced domestic violence. This allows pet owners to concentrate on finding stable housing until they can be reunited with their dog.

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