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Hogs for the Cause - New Orleans Barbecue Competition

Billy Blatty

An entrepreneur who owns establishments in Dallas, Las Vegas, and New Orleans, Billy Blatty founded Barcadia Bars and Ohm Lounge in New Orleans. Billy Blatty also produces several fundraising events for charities, one of which is Hogs for the Cause, based in New Orleans.

An annual nonprofit competition, Hogs for a Cause is a music festival and barbecue that raises money for children dealing with pediatric brain cancer. Each year teams compete in the cook-off presented by Children’s Hospital of New Orleans for the title of High on the Hog Grand Champion.

The event began in 2009 when founders Rene Louapre and Becker Hall held a pig roast and keg party to raise money for the family of Ben Sarrat, Jr., who was fighting an incurable form of brain cancer. He passed in 2010. Teams typically consist of the area’s best chefs, backyard barbecue fanatics, and barbecue professionals.

In 2016, Hogs for the Cause took place on April 1 and 2 and featured 97 teams. Since the event began, it has provided grants to more than 300 families in need and offered funds to many hospitals in the southeastern United States.


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