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March of Dimes Work at the Local Level

Billy Blatty

Entrepreneur and restaurateur Billy Blatty is a proud contributor to several charitable organizations, including the March of Dimes. Billy Blatty was able to raise the most money for New Orleans’ annual summer March of Dimes event in 17 years.

March of Dimes seeks to diminish the impact of preterm birth around the world by helping babies born prematurely survive and thrive as well as reducing the incidence of preterm births. While many of its efforts are on a national level, March of Dimes also has a powerful local presence, partnering with regional healthcare entities to improve outcomes for premature children. The staff and volunteers at each chapter help local health agencies address issues that contribute to preterm birth, provide education regarding pregnancy, and assist in prenatal care.
March of Dimes local chapters also work hard to address inequities in health access, as preterm birth affects racial and ethnic populations differently. These outcome gaps have a broader impact on the populations in which they occur, and ultimately present a public health issue in society as a whole. As a result, March of Dimes chapters work to address the issues that lead to preterm birth in local African-American, Hispanic, Asian-Pacific Islander, and Native American populations, and have provided millions of dollars in funding for local preterm birth programs serving these groups.

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