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The Physical Benefits of Skiing

Billy Blatty is the owner and concept founder of several ventures in New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Dallas. In his leisure time, Billy Blatty engages himself in various sports including cross-country mountain biking, tennis, and skiing.

Research published in the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine reports that about 740 calories are burned per hour when skiing. Several other physical benefits result from skiing, including toning the abs and legs. Each run reportedly requires engaging the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves as evidenced by the muscle soreness many experience the morning after skiing. 

Additionally, the research concluded that experimenting with different sloping skills will increase the calorie burn. As an example, more effort from the legs is required when skiing in a short-turn style with a high incidence of sharp turns. The author also mentions that skiing has social benefits, as it brings together a community of thrill-seeking individuals with similar interests. 

Other research highlights the benefit of skiing in training the core, mainly due to tensing core stomach muscles when trying to provide a table skiing position. These benefits are all in addition to improving cardiovascular health, increasing stamina, and strengthening different muscle groups.


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